Auto Uploader

There is no need to worry about the games being deleted anymore, our bot will automatically detect when the game is deleted and upload it again in a matter of seconds.

Free Private Condos

You can easily request a private game on our discord server and get a link to the game in seconds.

Auto Unblacklister

At the moment, we are the leader in uptime of our games, as our bot often updates our anti-ban code for our games so that bots or moderators do not detect the game in a matter of seconds.


Here are the frequently asked questions of users.

Are there any restrictions?

No. Every player in our games has their rights and we cannot restrict them in any way (if they do not violate the law in their country)

The bot is not working

Please inform our team about this incident, be sure to attach the time and a screenshot, this will help us in the future to fix possible problems in our bot that exist.

I can't log in to these games

Perhaps the game has already been deleted or you have a bad Internet signal, please check the current Internet signal as such problems happen simply because of it.

Where are the phone apps?

We already exist on the Roblox platform, which is available to everyone. Maybe ThotCon will appear on other platforms soon, but that's not for sure ;)

Is there an advertisement here?

There is no advertising from the word at all. We can only advertise our news to you on this site, which can be turned off in the future.